Working Together to Achieve a Goal

J. Sánchez-Naranjo, Ph.D.

My Teaching

As a teacher, I design and organize my courses by taking into consideration three main aspects: content, interaction, and assessment.

  • Content is selected and combined according to institutional goals, my own purposes, and my students’ interests and knowledge.
  • Interaction plays an important role in my classes and I encourage students to co-operate with each other and me. I believe that teaching involves a communicative practice that pursues the cooperative construction of knowledge as a main goal. I use technology to make learning easier, more pleasurable, and inspiring.
  • Assessment is also a core aspect of my teaching practice because it allows me to establish whether or not the course goals have been achieved, and, therefore, the effectiveness of my teaching approach.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

On Language Acquisition:
Second Language Acquisition and Development of Spanish Sounds
Communicative Development in Spanish as a First Language
Research Topics in Language Acquisition
Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language
On Language Teaching:
Interdisciplinary Educational Research
Pre-service Teacher Training: Teacher Training in Spanish as a First Language and English as a Foreign Language
The Teaching of Spanish in the US
On Spanish Linguistics:
Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation
The Structure of Spanish
Topics in Spanish Language I (Spanish Semantics)
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Spanish Syntax
Spanish Semantics: Language and Meaning
Spanish Semantic and Pragmatics
Introduction to Linguistics
Academic Writing and Linguistic Research
Linguistic Research Problems I and II
Research Methods in Linguistics On L2 Spanish:
Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Spanish
Spanish for the Professions: Medical Spanish Advanced Spanish Composition
Spanish Conversation
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Spanish Composition and Oral Practice II
Spanish Composition and Oral Practice III
Spanish Academic Writing I Spanish Academic Writing II


Graduate Courses

On Language Acquisition:
Topics in Hispanic Linguistics (Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language)
On Spanish Linguistics:
Studies in Spanish Linguistics (Spanish Semantics)
Spanish Syntax
Research Methods in Linguistics Sociolinguistics
On Language Teaching:
Approaches to Romance Language Instruction
Project-based Pedagogy and Educational Research
The Teaching of Spanish in the US

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Assistant Professor of SLA and Spanish Linguistics

Amherst College

Department of Spanish

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Jeannette Sánchez-Naranjo, Ph.D.